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Image by Siim Lukka

We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity and make your vacation to be a trip inside yourself. The time spent at our estate can be filled with special practices and meditations that are not available in the daily routine.

That is a real PLACE OF POWER. You can feel all 5 living elements.

Mountain air,

Living mountain water

The fire of the fireplaces

The forest land without people,

Love - love for Every our guest. 

Solitude and New surroundings - this are what accompanies you to peace of mind and pure thoughts. Pure thoughts will bring new dreams and strength for plans and implementation.




Your day will be organized so that you can spend it in complete or partial silence.

In just one day, you will feel a deep renewal and release of a lot of energy, meet with inner insights and understand what was incomprehensible.

You do not use your mobile phone or other devices during the day. It is possible to listen to music, write a diary, draw, walk, sculpt, build a pyramid of balance.

In the morning, afternoon and evening, you are given meditations to listen to, as well as affirmations for the vector of thoughts.

There is light food on this day without animal products.

The cost of practice is UAH 500.

Gouache and Face Yoga Massage Practice 


During the holiday you can get use for a new useful practice. To start a new day with the practice of gouache massage and / or face yoga.

It is known that the face reflects the tension of our inner self, relaxing the muscles of the face, you affect the improvement of life and environment.

As for the beauty of the face - in a week you will see noticeable results

The cost of practice - 100 UAH.



In the morning before breakfast and shower we recommend to put on a gown and go to the pool with mountain running water. 

To dive into the icy water, you must first calm your thoughts, take a few delayed breathing cycles, formulate a request for a day or more of intention, and only then slowly enter the water. It is important to dip your head - this will distribute the energy and temperature correctly. It is desirable to swim at least half of the pool.

     If you are ready for more go to  powerful jet of mountain living waterfall. 

But you must be careful to enter and remember the slippery stones.


During the holidays, we can coach your dietary goals. Maybe you want to be slimmer,

or pay attention to strengthening muscles .

Depending on your goals, we can build a diet plan and help you get through it.

It is very effective to practice the New Diet Plan recommended by your dietitian or your philosophy, here during the retreat, where there are no other opportunities and temptations. Nothing will distract you from the task of implementing a new useful habit of eating.

The cost of the support service is UAH 100.

The cost of the diet plan development service is agreed with the nutritionist.  



During the day or in the afternoon we recommend to pay attention to body practices. You can reserve the hall space or do your practice in the sunny meadow.

We can provide you with video tutorials and provide the necessary sports equipment: weights, sports bands, yoga mat. In the hall we have a stereo system on bluetooth and a choreographic suit for dance, ballet, stretch.

The cost of renting equipment is UAH 50.

The cost of renting a hall in the woods is UAH 100 per hour.


After training, as well as to relax the muscles between workouts, we recommend the SPA procedure in TUBS. 

During the spa, you change the temperature from hot to very cold. It slows down the flow of thoughts and takes you to a state ideal for meditation. Take advantage of this and practice meditation. We can provide you with audio recordings of meditations on the moon calendar, which will enhance the effect of your retreat.

The cost of meditation is UAH 100.

The cost of the tub is 700-800 UAH.


We deliberately refused to install TVs in the rooms. It is in order to achieve freedom from information noise, and listen to the singing of the water of mountain rivers surrounding our estate.

But in the evenings or during rain, cinema becomes a practice.

We watch cinema. This is a movie retreat that goes to the sound of a mountain river and a living wood-burning fireplace.

After the film, we give a few minutes of gratitude to the day, our efforts, those who helped us, and the place that filled us with strength.


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